full circle

When I was younger, I would frequent Annie Sez, one of the only off-price designer retailer close by, with my mom and two aunts. It was always exciting finding a Juicy sweatshirt (kill me) on sale or a new and cool accessory for me, and probably entertaining for my older relatives to watch a 9 year old shop like a 50 year old woman. Apparently those shopping outings were foreshadowing for my future in more ways than my skills at discount shopping- I'm so thrilled to announce to all of you that AnnieSez.com is now a private sale website! It's devoted to women, featuring some fantastic designers. To give you a head start at shopping, I'm offering a chance to win a $25 gift card for AnnieSez.com.

To enter, leave your name, email address, and a shopping memory from your childhood in the comments. I'll choose a winner on December 20th, just in time to get some holiday shopping in for yourself before the rush begins to find a mediocre mug and scented hand cream for those people you call your family.

Good luck!


  1. Let's see shopping memory from my childhood..how about going to B.Altman's with my mother- (you know her) and really lusting for a white fur bolero jacket, it was in the girls department.. didn't get it, but the kid(me) wanted it.
    N.. xxx( you know me, don't you, fashionfille?)

  2. When I was little I loved shopping with my mom. We could spend a day in a mall trying things on, snacking and just having fun. We don't do it anymore because I moved away from my home town. I miss shopping with my mom but I do the same with my daughter now.
    Thank you for the contest. My email is visible in my profile.

  3. A favorite shopping memory from my childhood is standing in the l-o-n-g lines to sit on Santa's lap while Mom shopped.


  4. This still happens to me, but I remember always getting that sort of panicky wonder when I walked in a store. I thought that if I just looked hard enough I could find that really special (and really discounted) item that I just could NOT live without. Usually I was (and still am) right about this, too. (=
    Another memory is of constantly getting lost in stores and having to ask an adult to overhead-call my mother. Probably this results from the outcome of my first memory....

    Thanks so much!
    -Christie C.

  5. Cannot wait to see your inspiration boards and maybe some more sketches (please)? Love your blog.


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