not so sure, but happy

I'm feeling very inspired...but not inspired to blog. It's a strange feeling, especially now that I have much more time on my hands than I did just a few weeks back. Not to say I haven't been busy- my winter break thus far has consisted of non-stop activity. I expect it of myself; having "too much on my plate" is a conundrum I often find myself dealing with.

So, let's see. Ketchup time?

It snowed a bit on the East Coast, if you didn't already find out from the complaining and Twitpics going on in your Twitter stream. This, both fortunately and unfortunately, is not my table, but what an awesome idea.

I saw Black Swan. It was so much more than incredible. That's all I will say. Screenshots, anyone?

(Oh- and what the hell Natalie?!?! Engaged?! Pregnant?! WHAT?!)

The NYC holiday windows are just so beautiful. Fendi is my favorite (Bergdorfs isn't even in the running), but it also begs to be seen in person. My mom and I both were blown away and needed to stop to stare (and photograph, of course!).

A sliver-sized slice of what I've been up to. How are your holiday seasons going? The next week and a half before school starts up again are even busier than the past few weeks. A brief internship and a vaycay with a bestie- try to keep up with me!

P.S. Christie C. is the winner of the Annie Sez giveaway. Congrats!

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  1. Cool Black Swan Clips and enjoy winter break :-)



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