uh oh

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What you're reading right now is proving that I've apparently become one of those bloggers- posting when I've admitted to myself that I have nothing to post about. It's the addiction! Hmm, how can I make this even more unnecessary and pointless? Good idea- I'll tell you about irrevellent things that have happened to me lately. I saw Love and Other Drugs yesterday (it was awesome.), it's snowed every day for the past week (it's pretty!), and I made marshmallow pretzel brownies (not as good as it sounds.). Wow, my life is so fulfilling.

Maybe I'll become an intelligent person again soon, and have something worthy and fashion related to post about. Hmm.

Can I justify this by saying finals are very soon and I'm just looking to procrastinate. I'm gonna go with that...

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  1. Join the club! Its Finals week and I am not done packing, so I procrastinate by reading one of my favorite blogs! ;)

    I think your are Fabulous!



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