lady gaga is an old lady


Ok, now that I got that out, I'll tell you what I'm cracking up about.

Lady Gaga wears the Kyamaro body shaper, as seen on those awful infomercials, as one of her costumes! For real! That is not any high fashion avant garde Gaga-exclusive piece...it's a body sucker-inner that old ladies wear. This is the infomercial below:


UPDATE: So, it's not true that the body suit is the made-for-TV one. Sorry for the false post.


i can't pull these off

I've never been much off a hat person myself. But, when other people wear them well, I'm in love. My face shape isn't the best for most hats (or bangs, goddammit), so I only own a few winter beanies for bracing the cold and some randoms that I've knitted myself, hoping they'd look ok. (They don't.)


Anyways, these beauties below can pull off hats, specifically fedoras. Yeah, so could I if I was Summer Rober.., I mean, Rachel Bilson, or was as badass as Gwen Stefani, or foxy like, um, Megan Fox...do I need to continue?


laura + blogcatalog = interview

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Laura from LollieShopping.com and to have that interview featured on BlogCatalog. It was so much fun doing some internal thinking and answering her questions.

Here's a clip of the interview; follow this link for the rest.
LS: When you're not blogging, what other things are you doing?
FF: I'm a college student. So, studying, hanging out with my friends, enjoying my college years! I love to knit and read, and, of course, am beyond addicted to my Google Reader and the internet.

LS: What inspires you?
FF: What a loaded question! If I have to identify the sources of my madness, I'd say anything from a random person on the street to the way leaves fall on the sidewalk. Everything I see gets my mind going creatively. I daydream a lot. Pieces of jewelry often send me on a styling rampage also. And, my largest inspiration: obviously all the blogs I read give me immense spurts of creativity.

short girl long jacket

I'm drooling over this jacket that I got at an Army/Navy store- it's an original, and it's perfect. Every detail is extremely masculine, save for the drawstring waist that makes it very cinchable and adds the one perfect accent to make this jacket, hm, I don't know, I guess I could say perfect? :) It's great layering over girly tops and dresses, wearing as a coat for warmth, or a jacket as a layer under my winter coat over a wispy dress. I always say juxtaposition is one the keys to look put-together and well-styled, and what better piece to have in my closet than a ready-to-juxtapose field jacket?!

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madonna is old but hot

backstage shots from Dolce&Gabbana SS2010 campaign shooting.


shopping&goodies 012010

This week, we're on handbag overload. See all the gorgeous bags in this edition of Shopping and Goodies!

Fashion Fille is seriously digging this awesome handcuff clutch!

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Fashion Hippo loves Marc by Marc Jacobs New Q Groovee Bag Win It Now!

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you really could wear handcuffs!

Remember last week when I told you all about my favorite cuffs for the season? And I suggested just wearing handcuffs? Well, you actually could wear handcuffs! I know, I'm just such a fabulous psychic. Stop flattering me! Seriously, though, Redhanded Bags are made with eco-friendly faux leathers, organic linings, and are US made and fair trade through and through.

I think these bags are super unique and just really cool! If I was walking down the street and saw somebody rocking one of these, I would most likely stop them, compliment them, grab their wrist, stare for a minute or so at the beauty hanging off a handcuff hanging off her wrist...and then giggle and run away. In all honesty, I would probably do that to myself. Or, even better, buy one for a friend just so I could cuff her up with my envy for her bag.

I should stop rambling. Get one of these handcuff clutches!