are you a gemini?

Once I saw this, all I could say and think was, "Damn, Gemini is hot!" She's the latest Volcom girl, fronting their new campaign for Spring/Summer 2010. Gemini wants you to be an independent power diva, just like her. Volcom is creating a new image for themselves though her:

With a collection of strong vibrant prints, styles, and shapes, Gemini Leasurean alien femme-bot from outer space—takes on the world in the season’s hottest bathing suits, cropped tops and short shorts in Five Speed Fever.

While Volcom is usually thought to be the ultimate surf and skate brand, Five Speed Fever serves as an inspiration for a new Volcom girl: downtown, sexy girl-on-the-go, whether she be on the run from secret agents, staying cool during hot summer days in the city or rocking out at a concert in the LES.

I always though of Volcom as being a little bit too surfer/skater for me, so I'm thrilled for this new season of a new Volcom. Gemini is getting to my head! I don't mind. :)

spotted on campus

HerCampus.com is a pretty sweet place for college girls to get their fix in articles aimed just for them, discussing topics that we all think about. Almost 25 different colleges nationwide share a home at HerCampus, all hosting original content made just for girls like us. My school's life and style magazine, Valley, just got a new and shiny website (courtesy of yours truly, thankyouverymuch), and HerCampus is helping us branch out even more! Just wait...Valley will be a national power before you can say "I love Happy Valley." Please check out our blog-formatted website with original Valley articles updated frequently.

On that note, I've been "Spotted On Campus" by HerCampus.com! You already saw this outfit, but here I am in it being all cheesy. :D Click to read the details!


automatic watch on your wrist

Remember months ago when I foreshadowed a giveaway with Orient watches, and promised you all a chance to receive a beautiful menswear style piece for your wrist? Well, I wasn't lying. It's really happening. All you have to do to win is leave a comment here with your email address, name, and why you love androgynous looks. I will randomly choose a winner in 2 weeks from now; let's say March 12th. Enter away to get your automatic watch, specifically this style (CEM65001B), from Orient USA!

I have a gold oversized men's watch, and I can tell you personally that sometimes I want a silver one for more of a sporty look to wear with more casual jewelry and clothing. Good luck to all of you! I'm jealous of whoever wins this beauty!


sine & laila 2010

Whimsical and gorgeous, both Sine and Laila are now being sold on Sine's e-commerce site, along with other lines, like Parameter. I have a discount code for you lovelies to use- just enter Spring20 at checkout for a 20% off coupon! It will work until the end of March, so get shopping! See my favorites from the two feminine and classic lines below. Each of the collections have their own website as well, but it's even easier now to shop all three of the NY based designs.


go play on the monkey bars...or something

Cecilia Cassini, the self-proclaimed “youngest fashion designer,” talked to Terra USA while at Bryant Park this week “getting inspiration” for her latest line.

This makes me nauseous. Cecilia Cassini, seen above, is just ten years old. TEN! When I was ten, I was in elementary school, playing with my other ten-year-old friends and being a child. A child! This brat is already set for life as a screw-up if she continues to grow up this fast. Just the sound of her droning voice sets me off, let alone what she is wearing. I just don't understand this pimping-out-babies phenomenon, and I would be thrilled to see it end. From the 5-year-old fashion blogger (granted, she was satirical, but it is still whoring out a child, however adorable she is), to Noah Cyrus dancing to Tik-Tok holding alcohol and dancing like a pole dancer, to Suri (I love her oh-so-dearly, but she's going to have a tough psychological life) wearing heels and lipstick. As someone who has a passion for children and knows a small bit about them and their development, this sickens me to the core. Parents, have your daughter in wedges slap you across the face and start treating her like the baby she is.

If you would like to get a little more vom on your keyboard, take a look at Cecila's website. The best part is probably her blog footer, which has a picture of her in a sailor outfit leaning on a boat, with the caption "From my collection named Boat." What a smart little girl.


life in plastic, it's fantastic

These beautiful images are from the Plastic Makes It Possible fashion showcase. The event was based upon the importance of plastics in fashion. It creates many of our favorite materials, like rayon, faux fur, nylon, spandex, recycled fabrics, and polyester. It may seem like most people try to stray away from synthetics while this green movement is in it's prime, but if you really think about it, almost everything we wear relies on some sort of plastic. It adds stretch and shape to our skinnies and our OTK socks, it makes our sequin shorts have, um, sequins (duh...), gives our rainwear it's impermeability. Plastic makes for our fun costume jewelry, and gives us the ability to buy tons of trendy accessories for super cheap prices. Read more about the Plastic Makes It Possible event at it's website.

life is funny

What I wore last week for classes and for the Dr. Dog concert (read and see more about that here). It's been a long time since I've had a typical outfit post...does this even count? Both sets were taken by a friend of mine (<3) in the moment of silliness! That's my life. Anyways, how are you guys?! Leave me comments about your life!


day 4 and 5

Another quick recap thanks to Starbucks Frappuccino Light, this time from the fourth and fifth days of NYFW. Enjoy.

shopping&goodies 021710

Fashion Fille hosted an inspirational guest post about the 60's and 70's and the influence on modern handbag design and trends. Even if just for the pictures, this post is worth a click! 
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1st edition

Chanel Iman, one of my favorite models, graces the front cover of the first ever edition of Modelinia magazine. She's so adorable! Click on the image to read Modelinia magazine.

day 1

I've been staying updated with fashion week just through everyone's blogs, and haven't been completely dedicated...at all. Here's a video to get all caught up from Day 1 in a hot minute, courtesy of Frappuccino Light. Enjoy!


dr. freaking d

Last night I went to the Dr. Dog concert in town, and it was incredible. They're so talented and passionate about each song they sang, which makes the show that much more enjoyable. The chemistry between all the band members was awesome too- especially as they were jamming so hard they were crouching while playing guitar. There really aren't many words to describe the performance...but these pictures are kinda sweet.