like clouds between my fingers

From the new Kisan Concept Store- an independent experimental retail space with a quirky and delightfully unpredictable collection!

It's interesting how images like this are so stunning, beautiful, and, well, drool-worthy to me, while they might not do much for somebody not engulfed in fashion. The combination of colors and textures are so aesthetically pleasing. I could stare at these shots all day, especially the last one of the gold pouch. Gorgeous!

shopping&goodies 033110

Want sleeker hair to pair with your new springy ensembles? Fashion Fille can help- enter to win a ceramic hair iron here!
A Few Goody Gumdrops is sporting her latest must-have Hairy Hunter Rain boots this Spring!
Being High Maintenance, not Bitchy has got you covered head to toe for spring care of National Jean Company & Fantasy Jewelry Box!
Fashion Cents helps you transition from winter to spring like a pro. 
Handbag du Jour loves the Miu Miu Bird suede and python clutch: haute off the spring runway. 
Shopping and Info loves the lavender lilac purple trend for bags, shoes, and dresses this season from YSL and Tory Burch.  
Style Eyes finds a great way to make outfits in her favourite spring trend in her post pattern mixing from the feet up.
StyleMaven shares the luxe alternative to the Liberty of London Target collection, have you heard of the 10 Corso Como for Liberty of London Collection?
The Well-Heeled Society is putting the rainbow before the storm in a season that's raining trench coats!
TheFind loves the new spring trend for skinny cargo pants, especially J Brand's Houlihan Cargo Pants - they look great on Khloe Kardashian too!


skulls, flowers, jean jackets, and naked juice

Bitten jacket, H&M dress, Hue tights, DIY UO shoes, Alyson Dayton earrings, Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Red Machine juice

Looking at this picture makes me miss the warm and gorgeous spring we were teased with last week. Now it's just freezing and damp everyday. :(

It will be jean jacket and lunch-on-the-basketball-courts weather again soon. For now I'll drink my Naked juice inside.

Thanks to Alyson Dayton for letting me wear these awesome skull earrings! They were perfect with my floral dress that day. On a side note, whoever wrote my address has stunning calligraphy.


you can have one of your own

As promised, I am giving away a Misikko straightening iron! You can read about my review on my own hair straightener in this post. To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post telling me why you need to make your hair sleeker. You can get another entry if you follow me and Misikko on Twitter, and a third if you send out a tweet including a link to this post, with an @reply to me (fashion_fille). If you blog about this contest on your personal blog or join Misikko's newsletter, you can get 2 extra entries. When you comment, let me know what you did so I can apply the extra entries.

The giveaway will end on April 12th. Good luck!


soft as a babies tush

I love this weather! No more jackets for a while- cue the sigh of relief (is it weird that I actually just sighed out loud?) . The lovelies at Jenny B were kind enough to send me this fantastically soft long sleeve t-shirt. I have a strange thing with long sleeve t's having the perfect neckline, length, and fit, and it's often difficult to find one that I like to wear. This one fits the bill- it's super soft and thin (perfect for layering!), has adorable details on the sleeves, is long enough to tuck into skirts and shorts but not so long it's awkward with jeans, and it's a neutral black with subtle burn-out hearts all over. I wore my shirt on the first nice day of spring; it was excellent to roll around in the grass with my roommate in. The rest of the week was just cardigans, skirts, no socks (!!!), jean jackets (more !!!!!), and sunshine. There will be a heap more of spring photos coming your way...watch out! :)



So sorry it forever times infinity to announce this, but I've finally chosen a winner for the Orient watch contest! I used a random number generator to pick a comment number...

...which corresponds to Vanessa's comment! Congrats! I'll email you tonight, and if I don't hear back within a week, I'll choose another winner. Thanks to everyone for entering! Another giveaway will begin next week! Yay!

This week was insane; sorry for the lack of posts. Be back soon! 



wrap yourself up in this

It's pretty apparent that I'm an accessory fiend. I wholeheartedly believe that no outfit is complete without them, and that any outfit can be transformed with them. my favorite is jewelry, no doubt about it, but I also adore scarves. Big and chunky, or long and thin, it feels great to wrap something so soft around yourself. Elizabeth Gillett has some lightweight spring and summer scarves that are perfect for layering (something else I believe to be crucial to an outfit!) over your dresses and swimsuits on those breezy evenings. Her cardigan wraps are gorgeous, too, and can last you through the fall and winter. Don't you want to grab that gray one off of the model? I wish I was wearing it right now! Check out the whole collection on Elizabeth Gillett's online store.

they're on top

Thierry Le Goues for French Revue de la Mode


straight as a circle

I've had (basically) poker straight hair since birth. I only realized that most girls had to put effort and time into a sleek straight 'do when I started going to overnight camp at the age of 8, even though my own mother has a curly head of locks. Once I became aware of diverse hair textures, I became aware of my own boring one...or so I thought it was boring. I was constantly unsatisfied with my own limp hair, braiding it overnight to wake up with an alien akin style when I was maybe 9 years old, crimping it to oblivion when I was 11, curling/spraying and reversing until my head was crunchy and not waved in the least for the time of the awkward 13-year-old/Bat Mitzvah party era. What was I thinking?!

Since then, I've learned to appreciate my natural hair, and the lack of time it requires me. I literally can wash it every other day before bed, and wake up with the hair that many women spend hours and hundreds of cash on. I can easily try out trendy styles with little time (did someone mention a Lady Gaga hair bow?) But, I do have the occasional bad hair day (don't we all?) when I need to make everything a little sleeker, shinier, neater. That is when a hair iron comes in handy. Very handy.

Naomi has consistently shiny and gorgeous hair. Yet another reason to hate to love the woman!

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I had been using a Conair double functioning straightener/crimper for those rare days when it was a day a messy braid couldn't fix (similar to this). Luckily, Misikko decided to send me a ceramic hair straightener. It's a one-inch baby, and it's extremely efficient. The packaging was shockingly beautiful. I've never received anything from any other company that had such a presentation. There were scented rose soaps, silk roses, all the equipment I would need for my new tool, and a blank check for me to make out to the Haiti charity of my choice. Yes, you read that correctly. The salon donated $25 for each hair iron recipient to donate. I was so pleasantly alarmed by this, I sent my check out to the Red Cross before I even un-rubberbanded the hair iron. That evening, I spread out the whole set, including the shine serum and heat protecting cream, and got to work. I'm not going to tell you I discovered a new life with shinier and straighter hair. That didn't happen, and it won't. I will tell you that my hair was sleeker. The iron heated up within 3 minutes. I did my hair, and then went over my roommates hair, too. She was very satisfied with her mini-makeover; she even asked me to finish up by doing her eye makeup! 

Misikko wants you to have the world's best flat iron, whether it be the Hana Elite I have, a Chi flat iron, or a FHI flat iron. Please do visit their website to look for your own! I'll be having a giveaway for a Misikko hair iron in the very near future, so stay tuned.

Thank you, Misikko! Now, off to fix up my hair!


it's over!

The Orient watch contest is over today! Thank you to all who entered, and good luck. I can't tell you how jealous I am of whoever wins...I want that watch for myself! I'll randomly choose a winner within the next few days, so watch this space.

Happy mid-March! If I haven't told you lately, I love you guys! :)


shopping&goodies 031010

Weekly Shopping and Goodies is totally Red Carpet ready with all the latest info from Oscar Night! Check out what our favorite fashionistas have to say about Oscar fashion, make-up, jewels, celebrities and so much more.

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Shopping and Info loved the gold dresses worn by Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz and Miley Cyrus at the Oscars and shows you how to channel their looks.

SomeoneSpoilMe.com found a great site for celebrity jewelry for less.

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StyleMaven spots the red carpet trend for the most gorgeous nude shades in celebrity gowns worn by Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker and Diane Kruger.

The Curvy Fashionista celebrates red carpet worthy curves deemed fashion favorites at the Oscars!

The Well-Heeled Society showcases heels that reflect how Mo’Nique blue us away with her homage to Hattie McDaniel.

TheFind is giving away an Almond Cookie Crave Spa Set, from Carol’s Daughter a natural skincare line with red-carpet celebrity fans including Jada Pinkett Smith, Mary J. Blige, and Brad Pitt. Enter to win this amazing spa set!

What’s Haute Magazine presents the best and worst red carpet looks from the 82nd annual Academy Awards!

Want to know what Hollywire.com thought of the red carpet? See their picks here!

be aware

Today is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD), March 10th.

"Every year, the United States recognizes March 10th as National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. It's a nationwide initiative to raise awareness about the increasing impact of HIV/AIDS on women & girls and encourages ladies to take action. While progress has definitely been made in the areas of AIDS prevention and treatment, women still represent 27% of all new AIDS diagnoses, with African-American women accounting for 66% of that group. This year focuses on this statistic, 'Every 35 minutes, a woman tests positive for HIV in the United States.'"

Contribute by adding this badge to your own blog. Get the code here.



I didn't even stay up late enough to watch the whole ceremony (hey, I'm not lame, just tired from these dumb teeth...or lack thereof), but I,  of course, watched all of the red carpet programming. Beginning at 6pm on E!, ending at 8:27pm with Kathy Ireland (she creeps me out and looks pregnant, sorry babe), I saw it all. I do not like SJP's. J.Lo looked stunning, but the dress wasn't great on her gorgeous and curvaceous bod. Tom Ford looked beautiful in his own suit (duh). My f-f-avorites of the night are all below, though. Take a peek!

Modelinia also posted a convenient slide show of who they think top their own best dressed list, complete with the dress originally on the runway. Sarah Jessica is on that list...damn it. But, so is Diane Kruger and Zoe Saldana! <3

If you look at my tumblr, you will already know which dresses topped my list. If you don't read my tumblr, read this post, and then start looking at my tumblr. Is that clear enough? Go to my tumblr. Here's a link...to my tumblr.

Sorry, I'm being obnoxious. Let's get to it: Oscar night 2010 favorites! Let me in the comments if you agree, disagree, or just would like to tell me something about my picks.


bed of diamonds

Maybe to make up for my wisdom teeth surgery, a wonderful angel/random dude dropped off a tray of vintage costume jewels to my parent's jewelry boutique. He never came back to pick them up, so guess who gets the rewards? Yes, you're right. Me! As I lie in my bed drifting off from the Percaset, I dreamily see these beauties before my eyes close. I took advantage of some cool settings on my camera and got a close-up of several of the pieces:

Let me know if you want to see any of the pieces a little bit closer!

Nothing better than some stunning jewelry! What's your favorite? I can't decide!