models and memorial day

Modelinia has covered the hottest girls on the hottest weekend of the year. Want to be more like Alessandra or Brooklyn? You better get on watching this video to see what your beach essentials for this summer should be:

See more videos on modelinia.com

And a blog post to accompany that gorgeous girl vid. I'll definitely be taking their advice and drinking tons of water while listening to my iPod outside in the sunshine!

Have a lovely holiday weekend, all!


new york minute

Great film, brilliant actresses (MKA, like duh!), fantastic city.

Well, that was a relevant intro...considering I'm about to talk about NYC and Elizabeth and James.

First things first- I now live in New York! It's just for the summer, but I'm sure this won't be the only stretch of time I spend here. I met Anna, who is incredibly talented and creative, and she was happily willing to work with me for Fashion Fille. So, get ready for some great shoots! Here's a preview:

Annnnnnndd...the winner of the Shopbop Elizabeth and James contest is leexlee33@comcast.net. I'll be in touch! Thanks!

For the rest of you, there will be more giveaways soon! :)


ah ha! oh no.

Almost exactly a year ago right now, I went through piles upon piles of back-issued magazines I'd been saving for one sole purpose: collaging. I wanted a mood board/collage for my college dorm, so I accumulated Elle's, Vogue's, InStyle's, Glamour's, Cosmo's, style supplements to newspapers, even health magazines. There was one picture I found in Elle that I had marked when I initially read it, planning to go back to it to cut it out and pin it on my cork board. It was Isabel Lucas in the coolest knit tunic I had ever seen (above). I loved it so much, I ripped her right out without even referencing the style credits to find out where I could find one of my own. Everytime I looked at my bulletin board, I was reminded of how fabulous it is, and how I still have nothing like it for myself. I searched for how to add chain to knits, for a knitting pattern with holes and chains; just something close that I could customize. I never found anything, and I gave up on it and succumbed to admiring it from my board.

Until...WhoWhatWear saved me! (Sort of.)

In the Gwyenth Paltrow edition of "What Would She Wear", I spotted my tunic! That top that taunts me to insanity. I quickly clicked, to see the Alice and Olivia label- and the price to match. I was dissapointed, but not surprised. Now, I have more of a motivation to create my own, and would love you guys to give me any suggestions you may have.

Tell me, how can I create this fantastic top for myself?


shopping&goodies 051910

A Few Goody Gumdrops is obsessed with the latest Jimmy Choo Elapheskin and Eelskin Sandal!
Fashion Cents gives you tips for choosing the right shoes for you. Then you decide if want to choose a Choo or something more “cents“ible.
Fashion Fille is giving you the chance to win $100 for Elizabeth and James from Shopbop.
Fashion Hippo finds Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba’s Tom Ford Miranda Sunglasses.
Ladybrillemag.com says Tinu’s Shoeholic Facebook page with Jimmy Choos and Manolos.
Shopping and Info loves the nude Jimmy Choo sandals that Blake Lively of Gossip Girl wore in the black on the show.
Simply Sample Sales Loves The Way Jimmy Choo Does Grey!
Style Eyes
gives her weary feet a break with Po-Zu Ethical and Eco Friendly Shoes a comfortable alternative to Jimmy Choo!
is inspired by the Duchess of Windsor’s classic style and the perfect pair of Jimmy Choo Quiet Lizard-Embossed Patent Leather Pumps fit for a Duchess.
The Well-Heeled Society
shows you how to be a well-heeled cowgirl in your Choos.
The Curvy Fashionista
highlights the latest Animal Skins Jimmy Choo fashions for you.
thinks every woman should own a pair of “Classic Little Black Pumps” such as Jimmy Choo’s classic black Gilbert style.
Couture In The City
ultimate fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker’s SJP NYC fragrance- Enter to win!
Hollywire covered Red Carpet Fashion at The Cannes Film Festival, including Fashion Fille's favorite dress of the event, Kate Beckinsdale!


i wish

stunnaFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

brunchFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

lunchtime dateFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

early dinner inFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

downtown bohoFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

sparkles and platformsFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

What I wish I was wearing to my internships this summer in New York. If only they paid like finance gigs so I could actually afford to make all of these purchases. Oh well, for now I can dream of over-priced street wear.


she's an old soul making a difference

pc: Ella Manor, You Bin [IN*TANDEM Magazine], Krista Svalbonas [Iconography Magazine], Ella Manor, Ella Manor, You Bin ]\[IN*TANDEM Magazine]

Rachel Fennimore aims to "better the world each piece at a time" with her fantastically unique jewelry line, Fennimas. She tells me herself that Fennimas is "made for the unapologetic head-turner, with a trail blazing mix of risk taking and classic appeal." It's been thought to invoke a sense of nostalgia, as many of her self-designed pieces are created with vintage re-born chains and bobbles. Rachel says she draws much of her inspiration from things like nature, disco shine, and exotic cultures.

Disco shine?! Don't you just love her already?!

Fennimas is spotlighted in all of the wonderful editorial clips above- it's easy to understand how well a creative and funky line can blend so well with haute couture!

Check Rachel and Fennimas out at the website, where you can purchase pieces from the current collection, and on the blog!


100 dolla' for shopbop...?!

Do you guys love Elizabeth and James? Is that even a question? I've loved MK and A since I (and they) were too young to speak, and my feelings towards the painfully stylish duo have only strengthened as my (and their) vocal chords developed. Read: I. Love. Them. Love!

So, how about getting Elizabeth and James on sale at Shopbop? If you comment below, sharing what your favorite Elizabeth and James item from Shopbop is and why you adore it so, you earn a chance to win a $100 Shopbop gift card.

If you win, it's like getting a private Shopbop sale!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been expanding their powerful twin empire ever since infancy, proving successful as entertainers, marketers and in fall 2007, co-designers. Smart, beautiful, stylish. What's not to obsess over?

Launching Elizabeth and James, a contemporary collection based off of their own stylish and sometimes over-the-top wardrobes, allowed the twins to get their hands into just about everything fashion. The brand today includes everything from women's wear to menswear to women's shoes and jewelry.

Officially marking their place in the fashion industry, the twins became members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America in October 2009.

Elizabeth and James

The silhouettes and luxurious fabric choices make for a contemporary brand that mixes uptown and downtown style with everyday casual. I'm loving every Elizabeth and James dress (who am I kidding...I like all of the pieces!) at Shopbop right now. Both pieces below are just beautiful.

A highlight of the Elizabeth and James collection available at Shopbop is the jewelry- almost all pieces are unaminous with famous bloggers (ahem, Rumi!!).

If you win, it's like getting your favorite item from Elizabeth and James from Shopbop on sale.

To enter:

Comment below to tell me what Elizabeth and James item from Shopbop is your favorite and why. I'll randomly select the winner from a pool of the most creative responses, so be sure to have fun with your answer! Contest ends May 22, 2010, at 11:59 EST. 

Good luck!


thieved lightning

Loving these cheeky little pieces of jewelry from Stolen Thunder. Like nothing I've seen before, they have a very little-girl-playing-dress-up feel, but still are completely wearable and would be fantastic layering with some gunmetal chains and diamond studs. The polaroids are the perfect backdrop for this collection!

As a celebration for their new website, Stolen Thunder is offering my readers 15% off their purchase until June 11, 2010, which is a month from now. Just enter FILLE at checkout. Let me know what you choose!

shopping&goodies 01210

Now that summer is here, Fashion Fille is already getting antsy for fall weather and the cozy sweaters she'll get to wear.  
A Few Goody Gumdrops' must-have Alexander Wang's edgy and totally cool mesh tank top for this summer!
Being High Maintenance, not Bitchy is wondering: are you ready to be jumping for jelly flats?
Fashion Cents gives you 3 important reasons to wear a watch this season.
RedPoppy Fashion is Giving Away some gorgeous Spring/Summer must have makeup from Milani Cosmetics to one lucky Follower.
Shopping and Info loves Whitney Port’s Rosegold nude sandals in The City.
Simply Sample Sales Is Giving Away 3 Pairs of Diane Von Furstenberg Flip Flops - A Summer Must-Have!
SomeoneSpoilMe.com wants to give you a chance to be on TV! Find out more here!
StyleMaven loves these Sigerson Morrison Lattice Espadrilles from Bloomie's where you can take $25 off for every $250 you spend now thru May 16th!
TheFind tells you how to get beachy wavy hair this summer without the salt and sand!
What do you get when you mix high fashion  with photographs from around the world and a sprinkle of edginess!? WET CEMENT!! Hollywire has the dirt- pun intended!


sunshine & dreams

It's fascinating how when it's freezing cold, us bloggers (and really all people) can only chat about how much we long for summer time; for those steamy days where all you can bear to have on your body is a perfectly shredded pair of cut-offs and that tank top totally softened to oblivion from endless daily wear. But now that I have had even 2 weeks of summer teased in front of my wide-eyed glances into vacation and freedom, I'm ready. I'm ready for fall again. For breezy days cool enough for tights, a cardigan, and scarf. For being able to walk all around my current environment without holding my arms close to my body for warmth or sweating through my thin blazer.  I'm envious of those Aussies; prepping themselves for autumn layering. Oh well, those days will be here soon. I need to learn to enjoy what I have while it's here!

In any case, I'm excited to wear this new vintage sweater CovertCandy kindly sent my way. It gave me an awful first impression, but once I tried it on with some textured/zippered/shiny/everything leggings and a just-long-enough-to-peek-through tank top, I fell in love! Thus, the fall lingering. This Zora NY peridot bangle will also be perfect for fall wardrobes and layering, but why wait? I'll start wearing it now...with those cut-offs and wispy tanks.


I just realized how much this blog totally sucks right now...wow. I mean, I knew I was slacking, but to this extreme extent? I'm surprised anyone is even reading anymore. I promise to try to get everything going again soon. Promise!

beautiful, blonde, and pale

Just a few qualities of Swedes that come to mind. Another one would be that effortless and undeniable cool factor.

The Weeks of Dasha, a weekly fashion film series, most definitely contributes to that coolness. I can't read a word of text on the website, but just watching one of those videos pulls me in. Each episode highlights a fashion brand, and this week is Karen Walker sunglasses. Click through the screenshots to watch some episodes for yourself! Let me know what you think.



I'm back! Finished with finals, ka-put with freshman year, and going head first into summer. It hasn't completely sunk in yet- and may not. Before I know it I'll be back at my paradise with my best friends, but this time around I'll be a sophmore. Gag me with a spoon, please and thanks.

I've got a lot of posts coming your way! Enjoy your summers, babes! 

bawk bawk

The navy shawl cardigan I've been living in for the past few weeks, from bus rides home to brunches on Sunday afternoons, is designed by an incredible brand that donates many of their proceeds to childrens orphanages in Africa. Obakki is a Canadian company that was founded by Treana Peake, wife of Nickelback's Ryan Peake. The couple recently traveled to Africa to visit the children themselves. Watch the video embedded below to get a sense of their experience.

Obakki is available for worldwide purchase at their online store, as well as over 70 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada, including Neiman Marcus, Takashimaya, Ron Herman and Scoop. They also have the Obakki Foundation Collection, with 100% of proceeds from these limited edition pieces going back to the orphanages they support (and visit personally) in Cameroon, Africa. You can read more about the foundation here.

These children are adorable and deserve a full life. Thank you to Obakki for using fashion for all it can do to help the world!


did i mention it's finals week?

There's a little summary of this week for you...

Please stay tuned! Things will get exciting!


bambi eyes

Congrats to Shelly T. for winning the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara! She's a lucky gal! Shelly, I'll be getting in touch with you shortly!

Thank you all so much for entering. As always, there's a new giveaway coming soon! :)