Watching 90210 on the CW is a true guilty pleasure. I enjoy and let myself get engrossed in the sappy and stupid storylines, yet I feel dumb the whole time. Oh well- there's no turning back now! Jessica Lowndes, who plays Adriana, is one of the most beautiful young stars out there right now- she's plain old gorgeous! Every feature is perfect.

Instyle UK


says i:


baby pap

One night in LA, Adrian Grenier, the most attractive star of Entourage (and Drive Me Crazy!) encountered 14-year-old paparazzo Austin Visschedyk.  Astounded and inspired by the fast-talking, faster-snapping teen, Grenier decided to turn the cameras on Visschedyk in an effort to better understand this unique teenager’s world and gain insight into what motivates people to stalk the famous. Check the trailer above for more! Sounds damn cool- I'll definitely try to watch it!


A few more backstage photos from NY Fashion Week- this time the girlies are snacking on Pretzel Crisps!

I know, I know, NYFW is long gone and now we are in the days of LFW. You can't blame a girl for posting pics a week after the event happened...mmm, pretzels. I'm delirious, if you couldn't tell. Too much studying; not enough sleep. A recovery period is beyond necessary.


behind the c-walk

Behind the scenes at Rebecca Taylor, Charlotte Ronson, and Z Spoke by Zac Posen with OPI. Sweet nails, ladies! I'm inspired to DIY a shweet manicure. My gunmetal is getting a tad bit old and chipped, ew.



hi whit. i really adore you.

Her collection was fantastic- so Whitney. I'm not here to discuss that, though. Her hoop- white gold earring, tiny enough to not overwhelm the cartilage. I want it. All the hoops I've tried are too big for my little ears! Sadness. I have a black stud (read: a black enamel eyebrow ring being used as a cartilage earring) in currently, but I want a hoop sometimes. I did buy one this summer for way cheap, but, again, too big for my undersized head.

I'll keep searching, and use Whit as my inspiration! <3


born to lead- VOTE!

I've promised some exciting news, and here it is- TheShoppingForecast.com, an innovative new fashion democracy and social shopping website, has just launched. Yes, that's fab, but what's even more exciting? I'm a part of the Style Council! Explained by TSF:
The items on the site, which will include women’s fashion for a variety of occasions, will be carefully selected by an expert style council comprising of popular fashion bloggers, stylists and industry insiders as well as forward looking consumers of fashion. By voting on the clothes on the site, users will also have the chance to win their favourite item each month. The results of the voting and most popular items will feature in the monthly newsletter along with plenty of other information on fashion and style for the season ahead.
TheShoppingForecast.com will also provide a fun and interactive social network where the users can share and discuss fave items as well as discovering what others think of what will be a hit, or not, in next season's fashions. Sounds like fun, right? 

Not only am I ecstatic to be a part of the Council (I'm in fantastic company!), but to be a user of the site. It's refreshing; not like the heaps of other fashion community websites that begin to blend together. I was getting a tad bored of it all, and this is the perfect addition to the fashion social community. 

Add me as a friend, and vote for my item (above)! Also, follow The Shopping Forecast on Twitter and Facebook!


locked jaw


abso-freaking-lutely incredible.

ADR <3 <3 <3



young and restless


missing ny

Never have I missed the city vibrating consantly with the exact energy I crave until this week. Why? Fashion Week, of course.

I'll be in soon- very soon, actually. For those of you thrown into the crazed back-to-back presentations and shows, in addition to the parties and endless street style spotting, enjoy! Maybe next year I'll be there to join you.

Thanks to the roomie for the iPhone outfit pics! Caaah-ute.


filippa k

FILIPPA K autumn 2010

Gloomy, dark, wet, sad. Sounds like winter to me.

I can't wait!!


a year (plus)

It's been quite some time since a proper outfit post. Hopefully that will soon change. For now, here's more than a year in Photobooth shots!

What I've learned from these pictures: I wear the same jewelry a lot, I love making wierd faces using my mouth, I miss having hot pink hair, and that I should not model.

Happy Fall! I, for one, cannot wait for the cool autumn days to be here, and finally give a chance to wear my cardis.