cute crazy grungy

"gutter-punk glamour."
"studs&roses. leather&bows. denim&pearls. zippers&ruffles."
"JC girls are totally pink rock!"

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes- PINK ROCK lookbook! Get more info here.

Nicki Minaj is dead on with her pink obsession.


luxuriously supple

The basics-gone-bad approach to the MOMENTUS Collection lookbook: hot.

Every piece is born to layer- and I'm not just saying. This girl is currently wearing a lace paneled long-sleeve t underneath her Free People tunic, and let me tell you, the peek of sheer lace down both sides is fabulous, the soft material is like a day-long hug, and the floral trimmed (perfectly shaped, not too low-cut) scoop neck accents the studs lining the edge of my top. Thus, a great layering piece. Um, yes, I'd say so.

Pricepoints run under $100.00 and can be found in Fred Segal, Flair, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. Get shopping, ladies!

mice and feathers

I'm a small girl with big taste. I like chunky jewelry, heavy accessories, high heels and clunky boots. This usually works for me, but I was challenged recently. This pair of earrings from ShopTheLook.net seemed to be decently sized, but not so long I wouldn't be able to wear them. I was wrong. Luckily, I had the materials (ahem, a late-night idea and a crystal chain) to DIY the earrings into a fantastic pendant. Check out this work! I'm thrilled with the result- so much so that I wore my new necklace for Thanksgiving dinner!

I also wear this Minnie Mouse necklace from Shop The Look (it's no longer sold on the website, but here's Mickey!). I've found that it's awkwardly short with a few tops I have, so for those days I add this magnetic clasp for an added inch or so of length. Convertible necklace- sounds great to me! It's a super convenient clasp I can attach to any normal lobster closure for easy on/off or to add some length to the chain, like I did. It's an indestructible magnetic bond, so no worries that it will unatttach and get lost.

Shop The Look has some fabulous pieces of jewelry; most definitely a spot to shop. Let me know what items grabbed you!



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What I'm thankful for?

The wonderful people who not only accept, love, and support my blogging and fashion obsessions- no questions asked, but inspire me and embrace my style and quirkiness. You know who you are, and I love you all.

The opportunities I've had, especially over the past year or so. I never thought I'd meet anyone like I've networked with or be a part of the experiences I've put my whole self into. Talk about surreal.

The paradise I call my school. I won't even elaborate on this one- it's a magic that only a Nittany Lion can truly understand. I'm fantastically lucky for this one.

My naturally fast metabolism- mmm, sushi/cookies/pasta/ice cream/tacos. Also, my naturally straight hair. It just makes things so much easier when I can wash-sleep-brush-go.

Lastly- this. You. None of this would have gotten this far without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving, [American] friends!

What are you thankful for??? Please share!


still going strong

In the blogosphere, 4 years running is considered long. It takes a substantial amount of time to build a brand and develop a consistent and successful method. I'm at the two-and-a-half mark, and don't see myself ending anytime soon, but it's only been 2 years! Could any of you imagine blogging 15 years ago, and still going strong today? Staying afloat through many changes in the business world and in society is extremely impressive- and TheCelebrityCafe.com has done that. 

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The celebrity gossip (covering many other topics, as well) website is celebrating it's 15 year anniversary this year. 

How did they do it in a world where a successful blogger often can't even last 5 years? TheCelebrityCafe.com’s secret to longevity in a world demanding immediate gratification is, according to Dominick Miserandino, who started TCC in 1995 with $10, “being realistic about business. When we had offers to expand during the dotcom bubble, we said no. We were exceptionally cautious in terms of overspending and overgrowth. From the beginning, we’ve taken a slow and steady route in terms of business and it’s kept us alive and happy for the past 15 years.”

And what is Miserandino’s advice to other online magazine entrepreneurs? “Don’t expect to make a killing at first!”

Congrats to the whole TheCelebrityCafe.com team!


the sun was making them so0o0 hot

Adoring the Cleopatra-esque inspiration in these Trigo pieces, especially the necklaces. Everything is handmade using traditional methods- meaning each piece is constructed with care by 16 local talented artisans living and working in communities in and around San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Check out the rest of the collections here.

"where women glow and men plunder"

Yes, yet another jewelry collection! I'm sorry I'm not sorry...jewelry is in my blood. This time, I'm digging the faux-two finger ring and the vintage Chanel rings (every ring is one of a kind). Both of the designs take a trend that could easily be overdone, but keep it classy, unique, and very stylish. Simplicity at it's best! 

marco SYDNEY is designed by Aussie (ask my friends- I have a thing for the Down Under) Mark Sorrenti, who handmakes each ring individually. He also has experience designing furniture and lighting, surely giving him a priceless perspective on the design process. His crafting philosophy is unfortunately rare, but of course very much appreciated.

Like marco SYDNEY Designs on Facebook for updates on the up-and-coming line!


ooooh yeah


How adorable and just perfect is this quirky little video? It's shot with Osborn shoes featuring Osborn Design owner Aaron Osborn soaring over rooftops in Brooklyn. I love when a owner has just as much passion for his craft and company as his customers do. The second pair is my fave, Aaron!

Check out more Osborn shoes on their website. Is it just me, or are these velvet booties dreamlike?

The video was made on location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by Chris Keener.


she wonnnnnnnn!

Congrats to Sonia for winning the Shopbop giveaway contest- she won $100 to one of my favorite websites. Enjoy! I'll get in touch with you for the deets. Thank you for everyone who entered. I'm lining up another giveaway very soon, so hold tight!

I'll get back on my blogging broom over the T-givs break, and then will have final exams forced down my throat almost immediately when I return. Thanks for dealing with my inconsistencies! :)


amazeballs part 2

I covered ThreadSence's awesomeness a few months back- check out their winter collection video lookbook...it's amazing. Can I own every piece in the vid? Thanks.


coug it up

How amazeballs are these new boots from Cougar? I've been eagerly craving a pair of black rainboots lately to sub in with my purple Hunters (I occasionally tire of wearing bright lavender knee-high boots when it rains at least once a week here), and these, named the Regal, are beyond perfect. The harness detail maintains a biker-vibe for some style, and it's nice to have a shorter length boot. I received them last week and have already worn them a few times! Cougar was also generous enough to understand the winter wonderland I'm living in (read: the weather kind of sucks. Unpredictably rainy until it get bitter cold and snowy through April) and send me a pair of lace-up, faux fur lined winter boots. You'll get a shot of those babies soon, I'm sure. My favorite detail on them? The purple infused faux fur that's only noticeable with the sunshine. I'm in love! Thank you Cougar!

Cougar is generous enough to donate $2 to the Red Cross for each reader that does this survey- it's very brief and much appreciated! xx


olia inspires

Creating each piece in her Brooklyn studio, Olia, designer of Olia Designs, plays with both "symmetry and asymmetry, perfectly faceted and imperfectly rough semi-precious stones, innovative and ancient-inspired color combination, to produce an aesthetic both alluring and meaningful." Her pieces are unique enough to catch the eye, yet I can see myself wearing every single one these on a daily rotation. The geode earrings, necklace and ring are phenom in every sense from the texture, to the color, to the setting and complimenting details. Gorgeous!

I love that she has a materials page to help educate her shoppers. This aspect is fabulous for independent designers selling online, but it definitely shows how even shopping for precious stones, a practice in the past done only face-to-face in fear of receiving unfair treatment and a sub-par product, is turning to the internet.

Give yourself a treat, and pick up an Olia piece to celebrate November. Enter code FF20 at checkout to get an exclusive 20% off discount (code applicable for one month). Enjoy!