Raise your hand if you're ready for a new year and a fresh start...

Yerrrrp, me too. Have a fun and safe NYE everybody!


not so sure, but happy

I'm feeling very inspired...but not inspired to blog. It's a strange feeling, especially now that I have much more time on my hands than I did just a few weeks back. Not to say I haven't been busy- my winter break thus far has consisted of non-stop activity. I expect it of myself; having "too much on my plate" is a conundrum I often find myself dealing with.

So, let's see. Ketchup time?

It snowed a bit on the East Coast, if you didn't already find out from the complaining and Twitpics going on in your Twitter stream. This, both fortunately and unfortunately, is not my table, but what an awesome idea.

I saw Black Swan. It was so much more than incredible. That's all I will say. Screenshots, anyone?

(Oh- and what the hell Natalie?!?! Engaged?! Pregnant?! WHAT?!)

The NYC holiday windows are just so beautiful. Fendi is my favorite (Bergdorfs isn't even in the running), but it also begs to be seen in person. My mom and I both were blown away and needed to stop to stare (and photograph, of course!).

A sliver-sized slice of what I've been up to. How are your holiday seasons going? The next week and a half before school starts up again are even busier than the past few weeks. A brief internship and a vaycay with a bestie- try to keep up with me!

P.S. Christie C. is the winner of the Annie Sez giveaway. Congrats!



Stunning LuShae ring to compliment an otherwise subdued outfit. I've been wearing it with everything lately! Most definitely the easiest statement piece to throw on. It's gorgeous from far away, and then when you get closer, the details are shown. Also- I'm loving the white and yellow metal mix. If you didn't wasn't easy enough to wear with everything, you must believe me now knowing that!


wintry fresh

I happened to pop into Urban today and spotted a few pieces of Rodebjer in their  "Around the World"  collection. Gorgeous to touch; impressively high-quality fabrics and satisfyingly awesome textures. It's very possible I'm obsessed with that blue fuzzy sweater.


bus of style

What is this extraordinarly stylish bus you see above? It's The StyleLiner! Stylist and jewelry designer Joey Wolffer has "creating a unique mobile shopping experience." By refurbishing a twenty-foot potato chip truck, and filling it to the brim with extraordinary accessories, she's created this quite incredible bus full of carefully curated merchandise, a combination of unique and limited edition creations by a host of international designers, along with her signature jewelry and accessories collection, of course.

You can find The StyleLiner parked across from The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District at the corner of 13th & Washington Streets. They'll be camped out Thursdays through Sundays from 4-9pm. Follow The StyleLiner on Twitter for more updates.


"her own way of movement"

"How does black and white make you feel?"

Watch above to see Karl compliment Janelle in some fantastic ways. What a duo!



Dying a tad bit over these Jous Jouseaccessories. The kitchy and handmade vibes are channeled just to the point bordering on "ew-that's-so-from-summer-camp-like-9-years-ago-ew-omg." (Don't even try to pretend you don't know exactly what I'm talking about.) That could be because everything is handmade, and with all recycled materials, natch! If you think things couldn't get more fantastic, just wait: By signing up for JousJous’ newsletter, you can receive 20% their already reasonable prices. Score!

On another related note, how cool is the Jous Jous homepage?!



Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

This truly will be the last time I do this type of post for a while- I swear! It's finals week, so we're going to need to take a break from each other for a few days.

While you're missing me, enter to win a gift card to the new private sale website version of Annie Sez, follow me on Twitter, and check out my Tumblr.

Oh, and please wish me luck!


full circle

When I was younger, I would frequent Annie Sez, one of the only off-price designer retailer close by, with my mom and two aunts. It was always exciting finding a Juicy sweatshirt (kill me) on sale or a new and cool accessory for me, and probably entertaining for my older relatives to watch a 9 year old shop like a 50 year old woman. Apparently those shopping outings were foreshadowing for my future in more ways than my skills at discount shopping- I'm so thrilled to announce to all of you that AnnieSez.com is now a private sale website! It's devoted to women, featuring some fantastic designers. To give you a head start at shopping, I'm offering a chance to win a $25 gift card for AnnieSez.com.

To enter, leave your name, email address, and a shopping memory from your childhood in the comments. I'll choose a winner on December 20th, just in time to get some holiday shopping in for yourself before the rush begins to find a mediocre mug and scented hand cream for those people you call your family.

Good luck!



It's always so refreshing to see an editorial with the model (who happens to be one of my favorites and definitely wins for most adorable, Chanel Iman) sporting a huge, genuine grin. Stay happy, girly!

pc: Vogue China, June 2010


uh oh

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What you're reading right now is proving that I've apparently become one of those bloggers- posting when I've admitted to myself that I have nothing to post about. It's the addiction! Hmm, how can I make this even more unnecessary and pointless? Good idea- I'll tell you about irrevellent things that have happened to me lately. I saw Love and Other Drugs yesterday (it was awesome.), it's snowed every day for the past week (it's pretty!), and I made marshmallow pretzel brownies (not as good as it sounds.). Wow, my life is so fulfilling.

Maybe I'll become an intelligent person again soon, and have something worthy and fashion related to post about. Hmm.

Can I justify this by saying finals are very soon and I'm just looking to procrastinate. I'm gonna go with that...