eeehh, vhat's up?!

Don't fret, my friends. Lack of posting and tweeting is no more- I've made my return! If you didn't conclude already from my Twitter, I spent the last 10 days in Israel. Describing it as amazing couldn't give it nearly enough justice, but there aren't too many words to explain the unbelievable sites my eyes were lucky enough to feast upon. 

Every part of the land was so gorgeous. Sunsets, seas, sandy deserts, oh my!

Especially the Spanish boys singing on the Tel Aviv beach.

I became obsessed with capturing the street art and graffiti all over the country.

I tried a few new things, like eating a super peppery flower...

...and even spotted Kate and Lara.

Shopping wasn't left out, either (LOL at "Preety Woman"). If anything, I feel more acceptance of my retail addiction. Whoops. Oh, boatloads of food, too. If I see any falafel for the next 3 months, I might spew. I was also double fisting rugelach. Normal.

HAHA camels.

Apologies for the excessive pictures. You have to understand.

Fashion-related post super soon, pinky promises.


  1. Diggin the street art! The building in the second picture looks awesome

  2. I adore every part of Israel...was just reminiscing about the beaches with a friend! Cute blog!


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