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Discovering an uber creative and innovative artist with true talent who doesn't take herself too seriously is preeetty hard to find. That must be why Helen Benigson stood out to me. Helen Carmel Benigson (and her alter ego, rapper Princess Belsize Dollar--read on for more on that awesomeness) is a video artist who, through her combination of print, hyper-real color and sound, creates multimedia installations that are "both visually and sensually stimulating; evocative of music videos, and are described by the artist as ‘energetic, colorful and sexy.’"

She was snagged by the geniuses at Adidas to collaborate with them and create some fantastic chairs for their London office; the ones you see right above. Jealous.

Of course, I wanted to know more about this woman and her craft. Read the questions below for an exclusive interview (yep, only here, folks!) with Helen.

Fashion Fille: First off, let's discuss these gorgeous pieces of furniture you created. What inspired the print and color scheme of the chairs?
Helen: I was inspired by my most favorite place in the entire world--a secret rose field in the middle of nowhere in South Africa. It is the most gorgeous place, where roses grow and it is surrounded by mountains and forests. [For the chairs], I filed the roses and collided them with footage of fireworks I shot on a wintery night in London.

FF: Why do you choose furniture and installations such as chairs as a form of art, as opposed to other types of artistic expression?
H: My main practice as an artist is video and print-making. I love creating my own environments for people to view the videos, and so upholstered furniture, in my print, is a great way to bring the two together.

FF: I totally adore your website--it somehow stands out in the cloud of modern and minimalist sites we're all surrounded with. How does the flashy 90's style of your website portray your personal style?
H: Thank you! I am a free spirit, as well as a TV-holic. I love bright colors, looking sexy, and I guess I am sentimental about the 90's, whether it's Prawn Cocktail Walkers Crisps (editors note: I was unaware o these until a quick Google. Not so sure about that flavor...oh, those crazy Brits.), the Spice Girls or Saved by the Bell.

FF: Tell me more about this Princess Belsize Dollar! She seems like a badass chick.
H: She is the hottest rapper of 2011. Keep checking the website for the latest tracks and videos!

FF: When and why did you decide you wanted to pursue art as a career and lifestyle?
H: It was never a conscious thought process, but more of a culmination of many years of creating, editing and making.

Inspired? Good. Now continue on to Helen's website for a continuation. 

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