Here are two designers' websites I was directed to for one reason and ended up digging for a whole other- Objets d'Envy and Erin Hakansson.

Let's pretend for a second that you don't already know I'm worrisomely obsessed with jewelry. I'm telling you now- it's a problem. Anyways, if anyone, be it a PR contact, friend, or Twitter bud, tells me about a jewelry designer, I'm instantly interested. I received two separate releases about Objets d'Envy and Erin Hakansson, both decent enough to hook me, and to get me surfing each designers website.

And here I discovered:

Beautiful pieces, am I right? Click click click through for more info.

Sidenote: Objets d'Envy is introducing a vintage collection (gah!) that I can only imagine great things for.

If it's not apparent, I'm leaning towards an earring kick right now, which is so new from my large-and-in-charge necklace/cuff/ring phase. It's influenced by my new hair- oh, did I share? I cut off 10 inches and dyed my locks red. No biggie, real casual.


  1. Oh all these pieces are fabulous, and your jewellery addiction is the best addiction EVER!


  2. Great post! Love the quartz earrings. I have a dangerous obsession (some might call it stalking - seriously, my budget would benefit from a restraining order!) with unusual jewelry too.

    ~xo Seonaid

  3. Thanks for bringing these designers to our attention. Both have some great stuff.


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