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Can it be agreed on that's it a busy time? Whether you're hopping around New York, London, Milan and Paris to celebrate Fashion Month (I can check off the first, but still dreamin' about the other glamorous hotspots), jetsetting to Bora Bora for a relaxing time-out before true fall arrives, struggling to keep up with your lecture classes (I hear ya on that), or are just plain old crazed (YUP), we're short on time. I'm a pretty huge advocate of cutting corners when appropriate, which explains why I'm close-to-obsessed with dry shampoo. I may or may not use it more than real shampoo. If you think that's gross, I think you must be a virgin to this divine product. The truth is that it's tough to find a good one that's not uber pricey, and if you're using it almost everyday, your bottle will be empty almost as fast as your wallet. Lucky for us, trusty TRESemmé has a full line for all types of hair, and it's totally affordable. The full line includes something to smooth, volumize, or strengthen, and a foam waterless version that moisturizes. Oooh, fancy! Still not convinced? (Um, why not?!) The students reading might be swayed by this- TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo has been voted as one of the Top Hair Products for School (video on that below. No, that girl is not me.) It's so easy to use, too (pretty similar to hairspray, but you're spraying in short bursts at roots as opposed to all over and continuously)-- shake shake shake, lift up sections while you aim at your roots and spray- and shake shake shake in between sections, let it rest for a minute or two, then run your fingers or a brush (gently) through your tresses. Gorgeous! And, your hair will smell yummy too. Perk! I can honestly say that when my can of Psst runs out, I'm going to try TRESemmé next. 

I hope I've inspired you to wash your hair less. That's really the mission of this blog. 

This post brought to you by TRESemmé. All opinions are 100% mine.

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