divine intervention

I've been wearing my most recent obsession pretty much everyday- even right now, as I type this, my new Diviene ring is adorning my finger. Intricate yet strong to make an impact on my hands. Get the details here.



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Someday, my home will hold these levels of interior decor detail. Someday.

Samples of Deborah Wecselman's work above. Beautiful!


my very own

I think I know you all well enough to assume that you're not one to blend in. It's safe to say that I, for sure, am not either. That's why I was so excited to have my own personalized hot pink yoga mat. Never again will I have the same mat as the sweaty dude next to me or the svelte tiny girl "om"-ing away behind me.

My Custom Yoga Mats are such a hit that they've been featured on the Today Show and, wait for it, Oprah's Favorite Things! The Golden Globe attendees were very keen on the mats, too (how adorable does Ariel Winter look?). Peep some pics of them right above. Like My Custom Yoga Mat on Facebook to keep up with the buzz!

I may or may not use it in my living room to calm by practing Child's Pose...

Also, it's abnormal that my butt is the same color as the mat. These things don't just happen.



Fashion is excess...right? OK, maybe not always. But sometimes?! For instance, when one chooses to wear several ear cuffs in addition to her pierced earrings, it could be said that she's portraying the exorbitance of fashion in a creative manner. 

Or she's just really cheesy. I feel like you aren't arguing in my, I mean this hypothetical girl's, favor.

So0o0 anyways, do you dig my Chapman ear cuffs? They're awesome for days when I'm feeling supa' fly and badass, but realize I don't have unlimited holes in my ears to poke supa' fly and badass earrings through. I wear the top one (the Six Wire) on a regular basis on the same ear as my upper ear piercing, and usually the Filigree Band on my opposite ear. I've been lusting after ear cuffs for a very long time, and these really do the job! Definitely a worthy purchase that you'll get your wear out of.



Ariane Arazi BraceletsAriane Arazi BraceletsAriane Arazi BraceletsAriane Arazi BraceletsAriane Arazi NecklacesAriane Arazi NecklacesAriane Arazi NecklacesAriane Arazi NecklacesAriane Arazi RingsAriane Arazi RingsAriane Arazi Rings

Loving Ariane Arazi's spring/summer 2011 collection, handcrafted by Ariane herself. I spot some incredible detail, colors, shapes and key pieces I just might need to have in my own wardrobe. Look at the blue agate and gold chain necklace twice and try to tell me you don't love it. I dare you.

Find more about Ariane on her website, like how her grandfather, a Milanese jewelry designer, inspired Ariane's current passions or her own current influences and the inspiration to her collection.


mummies gone fashun

When I visited the IMPROVD (if you need a refresher, check out my post here) showroom over my winter break in December, there was one thing that caught my eye on both the way in and out. It was the paper mache mannequins just chilling out, being painfully cool and chic. You don't need my descriptions- check out the mannequins in the Atruim windows, in the S/S11 presentation, and hangin' out in the showroom.


elegant artiforms

Coming your way: another accessory designer by the name of Jess. This time, we're going the jewelry route (always my favorite) and we have a Jessica Ricci.

As according to Jessica herself, she "finds objects with past lives and translates them into jewelry." Talk about taking recycling to a whole new level. Her pieces are far from trash, though. I honestly gasped at each individual piece while peeking at the lookbook- you must agree; these pieces have impact!


I've been in a bag mood lately. Specifically: finding practical bags in a convenient size for my daily usage. I'm way over using huge bags and am wanting to carry the necessaries in a manageable purse, preferably in an across-the-body style. I found an awesome purple pouch that I've been using this semester (you'll see pics of that soon!), but I'm also adoring these Jess Rizzuti bags. Good for day and night, unique and durable, detailed and rare quality, and, most of all, b-e-a-u-t-iful.

Each bag is handmade and "are designed around the philosophy of congruently beautiful detail both inside and out." I can stand by that! How fantastic are the cork styles?