Glam tunic, Silence & Noise sequin shorts, DIY chain

Oh hey, it's me, looking much cooler than I am.


eyes and hips

Love, love, love the accessories.



red cut-outs and money

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Dare I say it- it's been another whirlwind week. Shocker! Cue the gasps! I guess if everyone of my weeks are uber busy, none of them really are, right? Hmm, something to digest for your evening.

My Valentine's week started off with these bad boys above. Yep, I wore red, cut-out leggings on Valentines Day. (Sidenote trivia: Supposedly, red and money are the two symbols of V-day.) It was pretty awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and that's the only person I was trying to please. So there Hallmark holidays!

Thanks Wolford for filling my red pant void. It had been so empty for so long. I can't wait to wear both of these pairs constantly! Click on the gif for a link to the legwear.


get bitten

I'm taking a break from my hideous homework to break some exciting news- Eden Jewelry is set to open a beautiful e-commerce store today, February 17th! Be sure to check out www.shopedenjewelry.com to get a peep at the premiere collection. While shopping, keep in mind that if you enter GETBITTEN during checkout of your first order, you can receive 15% off, as well as free shipping for any order over $150 (no code needed!).

This is a killer collection designed by a fabulous artist. I was fortunate enough to ask Maytal Sharifi a few questions for an exclusive to post on Fashion Fille! Keep reading...

What's your first fashion related memory? My first memory is being three years old wearing my mom’s strappy heels with a “Fame” jersey romper. I always like to think that I was a young trendsetter ;)
Why do you love to design jewelry?
Designing jewelry allows me to create what I love and have people feel great wearing the jewelry- who can ask for anything more? I also find it fun and relaxing.

What are your favorite materials to work with?
I love the unique crystals Swarovski makes- gorgeous colors and shapes. My new obsession are natural stones- magenta agate, amethyst, and tiger’s eye are all inspiring my Fall collection.

What are inspires you?
I’m inspired by so many different things! A photograph, a great quote; everything from the colors to the shapes found in nature are absolutely breathtaking to me.

What's your favorite accessory?
I love big cuffs and long necklaces. Both can add so much to any outfit!

When did you realize you wanted to spend your life as a jewelry designer?
The moment I began designing the first collection. I just thought “this is definitely for me!”

Are you looking for something rare? Then black colored diamonds are the perfect choice for you.


madame figaro

Wow, she's stunning.


a few days deep

How's NYFW going for everyone? I wish I could be there, but I'm a student first. Hopefully next fall I'll make it for a few shows.

I haven't seen a collection this season I've loved yet. Nothing's calling to me! A handful of my faves so far:


Band of Outsiders

Charlotte Ronson (Charlotte herself is just so awesome)


Vivienne Tam (Surprising even to myself, Viv's is my favorite collection so far!)

What are your thoughts on how the week is going?


tour nah dough

It's so hard to be me. Being a princess is really rough.

Also, apologies for the gap in posting! I fell into a bit of whirlwind that I couldn't find myself escaping.


Even though I wish I could say I dressed like this on the daily, I wore this outfit for a party. What was the theme? Forever Young- dress as what you dreamed of being when you were wee!


the flying squirrel

"She woke up to her worst nightmare, feeling utmost alienated.
A foreign place she found herself to be, home to strange creatures called "humans".
Nothing looks the same, nothing feels familiar.
But as a master of camouflage and escapism,
she soon adapts the traits of mathematical geometry.
Now she is a fusion of both worlds:
The organic attributes of the forest, her home,
and the geometrical shapes of the city landscape."

Believe it or not, "The Flying Squirrel" is the name of this collection by young&restless. Gotta love it- and the accompanying poem, too.


alone in the snow

Remember my Cougar boots? They're still getting a ton of love- just a few days ago I plotted a photo shoot in the gorgeous snow to show them off. I hate slush, but I love snow. How else could I have captured this amount of cold-weather happiness? Prepare for a crapload of pics...advanced apologies. I couldn't resist.