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Any form of the word "intern" just might be the number one most used word in my vocabulary from the months of January- September. From networking to emailing to applying to resume-building- I'll stop. The point is, I stress more over finding a good internship (or two!) throughout the end of winter and beginning of spring than I do over my pesty finance exams. Good luck getting anywhere even close to the fashion industry without a few solid internships (or contacts. Let's be honest- a couple of names dropped here and there can get us farther than they should.).

So, what do you do when you finally land the internship you've been slaving away for all semester? Prep time begins in full force. I know you don't need help shopping for the perfect first-day ensemble, but knowing the in's and out's of not only your company but any other designers, PR firms, event locations and important people is pretty key. The newest intern-ready website, InternChic.com, is a thorough survival guide for anyone wedging their way into the mean and cut-throat world holding our passions. Check it out as the 1st of June edges closer and closer to get an edge over your fellow bitches- I mean interns.  Follow InternChic on Twitter, too, for quick tips and fashion news pertinent to you!


exception to every rule


I've said it before, and I'll say it again- I hate plaid. However, when I saw this shot from Marie Claire Italia of Camille Rowe wearing this frock (is it Dolce?), I fell in love! The cut-outs and longer length back kill me. Camille's cheekbones and amazing feathered hair surely don't hurt, either.


sexy dame



R.I.P. to an original glamour girl. I'll never forget those unbelievable eyes!



I'm about to tell you something that holds a lot of power against me. I have an intense weakness for glasses.

I'll leave it at that at the risk of getting too personal...but now you'll understand why it was a total given to post about the just-launched Tortoise and Blonde eyewear collection. Note to the boys- slap on a pair of these and you'll have me wrapped around your finger.


and now i crave this


Of course, on literally the first warm (66 degrees!!) day in weeks, I crave a sweater- but a spring one at that! Can you blame me after looking at the Ainsley collection, the latest and greatest from Qi, launching Fall 2010? It's completely 70's inspired, vintage with a modern twist, and wearable throughout all season. I truly don't think there are three better describing phrases for a collection. I'm lusting hard. 


it's hurrrr!

Did my tease work? The newest issue of Papercut is out today- and I would highly suggest you check out page 25. Yes, that means my article on trends is on page 25. Read it, please, and share! :)

The whole issue is amazing. Thank you so much to Papercut, especially the wonderful Jamall! Congrats to the whole team. 


kate and gillian

You've seen 'em before, but the girl looks good


get 'em in


Have you voted for my picks (some of which are above) at TheShoppingForecast.com lately? Get your votes and comments in by the end of the month! You can now even become part of the Style Electorate and choose and share virtual outfits. Try it out- it's a ton of fun.


Malgosia Bela for Vogue Spain by Camilla Akrans 

This spread instantly caught my eye. The props and set are such simple concepts, but each photo still comes out extraordinary. A team of talents is what it's all about-- it takes the skills of a fantastic model, stylist and photographer to create results like these.

The clothes and awesome hair might have something to do with it, as well...


final recap

Most of you probably followed some of Fashion Month, if not most of it. For those of you lacking the time to peruse style.com on the reg, Papercut Magazine's latest issue is a godsend. You can get a quick recap of the best shows, runway shots, and even some interviews and designer profiles. It will only be online for a few more days (a new issue is coming next week- more on that soon. Two words of warning: Get. Excited.), so definitely try to take a peek now!



I adore the combination of cultures. Whether it be submerging yourself in a foreign land only to discover you've never felt such a sense of belonging, or the marriage of ethnic foods at an amazing concert. In this case, supermodels and ancient art mingle with the help of Francesco Vezzoli to create an awesome exhibit at the Gagosian. Everything about these portraits suck me in--from the seemingly melting gold frames to the cheekily destructed pictures inside.


jc bags are a-comin'

I always love me some rockin' Jeffery Campbell news- this time it's big. JC is launching a bag line! Stay tuned for a full campaign.

I get excited just watching these gifs!


white hot

via: Julia Gross, Vogue Espana, Vogue Russia, Zinke Design

Inspired for spring. Lace, crisp whites, calmness and hints of pastels. 

I'm also wayyy over my grossly long hair. I think it's about that time to make the big cut. Peace out 10+ inches! Any ideas for new hairstyles?



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But really- how? 

Just try to tell me you aren't excited by tacky amounts of sequins on items that truly shouldn't be embellished to these extremes. Try.

I may or may not impulsively purchase excessive amounts of sequined items in the next hour.