oh brother

It's a fact that the Jeffery Campbell Litas were pretty much the biggest thing to hit the blogosphere this fall.  That said, most blog trends are somewhat stylish, but end up turning into overplayed fads (bandage skirts anyone?) or going off the deep end in some way. The Litas have officially made that dive into the 74-foot-lake-below-a-jagged-cliff territory. 

A mens' version has been created. (The Areas and Switchblade styles have been redesigned for men, too.)

I'm totally all for personal expression, especially through fashion. Self-expression is the reason I love the industry so dearly. I don't have a problem with men wearing women's clothing, or vice versa. This campaign is just whining "we're edgy and open-minded! Boys can wear glitter Litas too!", and all I want to do is roll my eyes. (But hey, here we are, chatting about and promoting the brand. Success? Probably. Earning press is the goal.)



i vaaant you

I'm very greedy. What follows below is what I'm currently craving.

Cat-eye sunnies. I can cross these off my list, actually- I've already purchased two cheap pairs (in black and in tortoise) to get me through the spring and summer. Instant glamour, anyone? 

New hair. If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I'm planning on cutting 10+ inches of my hair off this summer. I have no idea which type of style I'm going for, but I want edge. I'm going to miss my long locks- au revoir to fishtails and sleek ponytails. Sadface.

Denim romper. Not much needed on this- it's a summer staple. I want to frolic! Something fitted would make me happy. A halter neckline wouldn't hurt, either.

Sheer skirts. I've been daydreaming of diaphanous fabrics for months now. They're simply pretty. How killer is that ombre version Sasha's rocking? Waaaant.

Bustiers 'til the world ends. Layering, layering, layering. Prints. Neons. Actual bikini tops. I'll take 'em all.

Nude wedges. I can wear them everyday to work, and then with my gorg skirt for evening! Chunky is more than a requirement.

Leather shorts. One problem with summer weather: I have to cut down on my leather. Investing in a pair of shorts would absolutely solve that problem. I'm drooling just thinking about them.

To be continued...

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Vogue Nippon, weheartit

A ridiculously busy week somehow crept on me, as did a seemingly fantastic weekend ahead. Excuse my slowdown in posting as the semester wraps up! Keep up with me via Twitter/Tumblr.


let's pretend

Just because I don't work-out, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate work-out gear, right? I've been blessed by the chicken leg gods with skinny legs that luckily don't require much up-keep (read: I'm extremely lazy) and thank them often for my lanky lower limbs. However, when I see items like this BodyRock Sport bra, I get the urge to pretend to be an exercise fiend. Gold! Pretty colored florals! Zipper! Or I guess I could just layer this beauty with my normal digs...yeah. That's happening.


what a dreamboat

Above are some shots from the best Fall 2011 lookbook I've seen (especially the second set of photos)- the newest collection from Deivie. A collection based on the concept that a pulled-together look demands only one standout piece, I'm a huge fan of the luxurious, bohemian, feminine vibes coming through. These are the girls we all deep down want to be- badass, cool, effortless.

How rockin' would one of these frocks be as an evening dress? You'd be hottest lady in the room, hands down.


shopping kingdom

I'm excited to host a guest post today from Anne Davies, a social media consultant. She recently took a trip to Thailand, and reached out to post about her experiences on Fashion Fille. Read more for a look into a once-in-a-lifetime encounters as well as some valuable travel advice- and her Thai fashion bible. Enjoy!

I recently took a two week trip to Thailand. The expectations of which were lots of sun, sea, beautiful landscapes and relaxation. Shopping was certainly not one of them. So I was taken very much by surprise when visiting markets in Bangkok. Instead of tie-died, drapey numbers, I was met with gorgeous, perfectly lined garments in up-and-coming designs. The young professionals and teens in Bangkok were stylishly dressed to effect; even the school uniforms had flair! Absorbing this unexpected fashion goldmine, I went shopping…

Here comes summer! Bright and fun yellow silk tank, perfect for tucking in or hanging out. These vests were all over the markets and boutiques in a range of colors, I also had to have one in orange and white. A Bangkok bargain at just 300 Thai Baht. This converts to approximately 6 British Pounds, 9 US Dollars or 7 Euros.

I picked this white shirt up at Chatuchak Market, an amazing weekend market with over 15,000 stalls. When visiting, put a whole day aside. This bustling environment has everything you could imagine from impressive collections presented by up and coming designers to pets (even baby squirrels)! Expect gorgeous, fashionable youths to be battling their way through the best buys. Did I mention that this shirt feels amazing? It is gorgeously soft and is a great pull on number that I expect to be wearing lots this spring. Price of shirt was 300 Thai Baht.

Another Chatuchak Market delight, this short and t-shirt combo were from a stall called "on the street." Many of the stalls were set up in booths, gorgeously presented as little boutiques. The green cotton top has cute heart button detail, a romantic treat! Both items were 300 Thai Baht. (No bartering here.)

I love this navy blue shirt! The bow detail is something that I would usually avoid, as I find bows too girly, however, it's a subtle and flexible design. The cut of the shirt is perfect; it sits just right on the shoulders and hangs really well. I wanted this in every color! However, it was the last day of the hols so funds were running low. I bought this at 2nd Story Supermarket, an amazing boutique filled with new and vintage designs. Situated at Siam Square, a shopping area, full of fly-by-night boutiques, many of which are the first ventures of young designers. It was a great people-watching area where you can observe teens in their natural habitat. This was my favourite shop- it was slightly pricier than most, and I fell in love with everything. After a bit of bartering I paid 800 Thai Baht for this delight, which converts to approximately 16 British Pounds, 26 US Dollars or 18 Euros.

A romantic, flower detailed shirt in off-white from 2nd Story Supermarket, the ruffled collar adds instant glam when done up and provides a more casual feel when on-done. I bartered the price down to 1100 Thai Baht for this plush design, which converts to approximately 22 British Pounds, 33 US Dollars or 25 Euros.

This bright blue blazer was my absolute favourite find of the trip. I had been searching for the right one and suddenly it appeared! Another 2nd Story Supermarket gem. As I was buying quite a collection, I got the price down to 1500 Thai Baht, converting to approximately 30 British Pounds, 49 US Dollars or 35 Euros.

Thanks so much, Anne! Your finds are amazing- I'm so jealous of that blazer.


chelsea girl

1&2: cage heels gone oh-so-right; 3: best new neutral: navy.

Chelsea Paris, designed by Theresa Ebagua. Fresh, fierce, fashion.

For Theresa, what started as a creative hobby became a personal obsession. (Hmm, sound familiar, bloggers?) She said, “I was always buying and redesigning shoes, which got me quite popular in school…and thrown out from shoemakers stores a few times." Bad. Ass.

As taken from the website, "the connection and continuity between the classic and the modern is ever present in her creations. The whole notion of form, fluidity, sensuality and organic silhouettes kindle her imagination, with her designs rooted in the old world era and brought to life with a cosmopolitan flare."