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A break from the typical couture shoot.


eeehh, vhat's up?!

Don't fret, my friends. Lack of posting and tweeting is no more- I've made my return! If you didn't conclude already from my Twitter, I spent the last 10 days in Israel. Describing it as amazing couldn't give it nearly enough justice, but there aren't too many words to explain the unbelievable sites my eyes were lucky enough to feast upon. 

Every part of the land was so gorgeous. Sunsets, seas, sandy deserts, oh my!

Especially the Spanish boys singing on the Tel Aviv beach.

I became obsessed with capturing the street art and graffiti all over the country.

I tried a few new things, like eating a super peppery flower...

...and even spotted Kate and Lara.

Shopping wasn't left out, either (LOL at "Preety Woman"). If anything, I feel more acceptance of my retail addiction. Whoops. Oh, boatloads of food, too. If I see any falafel for the next 3 months, I might spew. I was also double fisting rugelach. Normal.

HAHA camels.

Apologies for the excessive pictures. You have to understand.

Fashion-related post super soon, pinky promises.



As you're reading this, I'm jetting off to a far-away land I've always wanted to see. I'll be back pretty soon!

Don't miss me too much.


easy livin'

Sometimes, I dream about my fantasy home. I imagine what I'll cover the walls with; how the floors will feel under my feet (both bare and decked out in gorgeous kicks); what vibes my friends will pick up upon entering the threshold. Will I be lucky enough to have a beautiful NYC apartment that I can make my own haven, as I've had numerous trances about? Will I use picture rail hooks to have pieces of art seamlessly floating along the walls, or rustic and traditional wall hangings to juxtapose the other contemporary accents? Will I go for a subdued black or white color scheme and maintain a sleek monochromatic look, or will I want pops of colors all throughout? Oh, sorry. I'm getting carried (pun unintended) away again. Stop me before I get in too deep...

A girl sure can dream, can't she?

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hot diggity

photo-heavy post ahead. beware.

Stone Cold Fox 2011 Collection Lookbook

Whoa. I'm thinkin' Stone Cold Fox was the perfect name for this line. Damn! 

Forget the ridiculously perfect summer looks that are entering my dream-ready mind and creating warm-weather fantasies for a hot second-- can we talk about how well-accessorized this shoot is? I'll take every ring on her hands, thanks. The large-and-in-charge cuff will work well on my wrist too, so just throw that in. Coolio.