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Ya know, it's weird.

It's weird that when I'm living in the place that I consider myself at my happiest, busy as can be doing amazing and fulfilling things, meeting people I can truly connect with and constantly inhaling inspiration, I simply don't feel like blogging. It's not about finding the time; it's about finding the want. I have no desire right now.

How could I not want to take that raging energy and write? And express my thoughts, and turn those internal images into beautiful descriptions? What does that mean for Fashion Fille, but, more importantly, what does it mean for me?

The strange part is, this blog used to supply me with that passion in question. The truth is that evolution is constant and crucial to success...what's next?! It's been 3 years since I started this thang. 3 years. Damn.

I'll have to continue thinking about it...for now, I'm quite consumed with interning (this), attending events (this), Tweeting too much, Tumbling too much, eating, shopping, not sleeping. Aaaand, repeat.


helen for adidas

Discovering an uber creative and innovative artist with true talent who doesn't take herself too seriously is preeetty hard to find. That must be why Helen Benigson stood out to me. Helen Carmel Benigson (and her alter ego, rapper Princess Belsize Dollar--read on for more on that awesomeness) is a video artist who, through her combination of print, hyper-real color and sound, creates multimedia installations that are "both visually and sensually stimulating; evocative of music videos, and are described by the artist as ‘energetic, colorful and sexy.’"

She was snagged by the geniuses at Adidas to collaborate with them and create some fantastic chairs for their London office; the ones you see right above. Jealous.

Of course, I wanted to know more about this woman and her craft. Read the questions below for an exclusive interview (yep, only here, folks!) with Helen.

Fashion Fille: First off, let's discuss these gorgeous pieces of furniture you created. What inspired the print and color scheme of the chairs?
Helen: I was inspired by my most favorite place in the entire world--a secret rose field in the middle of nowhere in South Africa. It is the most gorgeous place, where roses grow and it is surrounded by mountains and forests. [For the chairs], I filed the roses and collided them with footage of fireworks I shot on a wintery night in London.

FF: Why do you choose furniture and installations such as chairs as a form of art, as opposed to other types of artistic expression?
H: My main practice as an artist is video and print-making. I love creating my own environments for people to view the videos, and so upholstered furniture, in my print, is a great way to bring the two together.

FF: I totally adore your website--it somehow stands out in the cloud of modern and minimalist sites we're all surrounded with. How does the flashy 90's style of your website portray your personal style?
H: Thank you! I am a free spirit, as well as a TV-holic. I love bright colors, looking sexy, and I guess I am sentimental about the 90's, whether it's Prawn Cocktail Walkers Crisps (editors note: I was unaware o these until a quick Google. Not so sure about that flavor...oh, those crazy Brits.), the Spice Girls or Saved by the Bell.

FF: Tell me more about this Princess Belsize Dollar! She seems like a badass chick.
H: She is the hottest rapper of 2011. Keep checking the website for the latest tracks and videos!

FF: When and why did you decide you wanted to pursue art as a career and lifestyle?
H: It was never a conscious thought process, but more of a culmination of many years of creating, editing and making.

Inspired? Good. Now continue on to Helen's website for a continuation. 



Here are two designers' websites I was directed to for one reason and ended up digging for a whole other- Objets d'Envy and Erin Hakansson.

Let's pretend for a second that you don't already know I'm worrisomely obsessed with jewelry. I'm telling you now- it's a problem. Anyways, if anyone, be it a PR contact, friend, or Twitter bud, tells me about a jewelry designer, I'm instantly interested. I received two separate releases about Objets d'Envy and Erin Hakansson, both decent enough to hook me, and to get me surfing each designers website.

And here I discovered:

Beautiful pieces, am I right? Click click click through for more info.

Sidenote: Objets d'Envy is introducing a vintage collection (gah!) that I can only imagine great things for.

If it's not apparent, I'm leaning towards an earring kick right now, which is so new from my large-and-in-charge necklace/cuff/ring phase. It's influenced by my new hair- oh, did I share? I cut off 10 inches and dyed my locks red. No biggie, real casual.


conning in the city

The life of a fashion intern is rough, man. We're unpaid, worked to the bone, and are expected to impress each person we meet. But, hey, I'm not complaining at all- tomorrow will be my second day and I'm already so happy. (What can I say, New York is my vice. Yep, I'm a cliche. Suck it.)

Focusing on the unpaid aspect of the experience, savviness and maneuvering sly moves to save a few bucks is more than essential. And that's why I don't feel bad for conning up and down 3 blocks of Soho today. Yep. I haggled a street vendor to sell me three pieces of jewelry (which inspired the accompanying photos for this post, bee-tee-dubs) for much less than she asked for. I convinced the Sephora ladies to supply me with more samples than is probably legal, and got a free dinner (and lunch! Helllooo, leftovers.) at a beautiful and delicious Brazilian restaurant. (That last one wasn't due to conning though. I just happen to have nice friends with even nicer parents. Thanks, Mr. M!) Don't even get me started on the deals I snagged at Kmart and Trader Joe's this evening. Just don't.

Next up: maintaining my health while avoiding full lunches at work. It's all about the bookends-- big breakfast, big dinner. Repeat it enough times, and it becomes easy as pie. Mmm, pie...

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oh wow

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Adam, you've charmed me once again.

One of each should be sufficient. On second thought, two of the red leather would work better for me. 


get dressed

Pull out the crop tops, teeny bikini bottoms, and mint-infused lemonade.

It's June. You know what that means-- most Americans spent the past weekend gorging on hot dogs and ice cream bars (oh, was that just me?), and summer has officially started. I'll be spending mine in NYC with good friends and fantastic opportunities, so you can't blame me for my summer hysteria. 

This Summer 2011 video from Kembrel (a student-only flash-sale based fashion and lifestyle community. Read: awesome finds curated by cool students for an even cooler price. Read on for a little gift from me to you, hint, hint!) shares the same enthusiasm for the steamy season. Ooh, rooftop parties, breezy mini-dresses, young love...

Just try to tell me you're not in a happier mood after watching that. Fine, if you're cold-hearted, argumentative, or deny yourself happiness and really are trying to tell me you didn't enjoy the video, then maybe this could satisfy you: an extra 15% off on any purchase on Kembrel in the next 30 days. Just enter the code getdressed. Enjoy, and please report back with what you bought! If you aren't already a member of Kembrel, click here to join.