Last we spoke, I explained my lack of blogging desire. Nothing's really changed, except I have even less time. Between adding another gig to my summer repertoire, finding that my body is needing more and more sleep as I struggle to find less and less shut-eye hours, and organizing my life for the next semester of school (and everything else that comes along with that), life's moving fast. Please know, I'm not complaining. I'm happy, grateful, and working hard. But, this pretty little site has ended up way far back on the back burner. I plan to pick it up again with frequent postings as the summer ends, and have a few fun posts up my bell-sleeve, but please be patient and loyal while I'm in the grind! There's some cool-ass shit coming your way if you don't mind waiting around.

somewhat unrelated; still cute.

Much love, and to my NY'ers: stay cool in this ridiculous heat wave.


gotta lotta love

The newest edition to the American Eagle "We the People" summer series just about saved the campaign. It went from a couple of eye-roll-worthy low-quality country music videos to a folky rock image representative of the laid-back brand. Listen to the video below- Lissie does an amazing job of capturing the scents of summer, and AE's "fashionable ideals of love, happiness, freedom and youth."

I listened to this four times before this post was published. Yes.

Note: If you're interested in hearing the other two tracks that accompany the "We the People" series, here you are! (1, 2)