For anyone who stalks me on Twitter (if you don't, start.), you're most likely aware of the endless self-promo I've been doing the past week. I'm a finalist in Front Row Challenge, a contest sponsored by Marie Claire, LOFT, and Rimmel London, that's giving me (and 3 other girls across the US) the chance to style, produce, cast, and etc. our own fashion show. This journey began in August, and this Thursday all of the work, time, and lots and lots of blood (JK!) I've been devoting will end, and the result will (crossing my fingers) be a wonderful success.

Though I wish you could all attend and support my efforts in this, the show will not be in Lincoln Center. It will take place at a very dear location to me: Penn State! Yes, I'm a student here, and yes, this is a contest for college girls. Thus, my event is hosted at this campus. If anyone lives near Central PA and wants to come out, here's more details.

For the rest of you, peruse Marie Claire's website for pics, videos, and interviews with me and the other ladies. Check out the November issue of the mag for even more from Front Row Challenge (hint, hint! More pictures!).

Wish me luck.


Below are some fantastic photos of the event.  
 (c) Ann Sciandra

feathery genius


ADAM has been one of my favorites for some time now, and I'm reminded why I'm such a fan when I receive campaigns like this in my inbox. We've moved past the era of fading gray feathers streaked through our hair. A new level has been reached, and it's fantastic. Click through for all of ADAM's feathery creations. Swoon safely.


best of the best dressed

Fashion Month is as much behind us as our trench coat tails. You know what that means? It's time to analyze every look from every city to decide who's Best Dressed of Fashion Month! Style.com has taken on the task, and your stylish, superficial help is needed. Put your vote in by midnight tonight. (If you really want to know...wait, no! I will not make bias you by sharing who I voted for!) May the most effortless, chic, insert-another-industry-word-here win!


i did it again

Ooops. Uhhh, it may or may not have been two weeks since my last post. What happened to my "return of the blogging bug?" Must've been a 24-hour thing.

I haven't really been M.I.A. I tweet like a rabid baby animal, so that counts as a presence in the blogosphere, doesn't it? Whatevskis. Setting up a few posts to roll out in the next few days, and I'm actually being honest this time. I don't blame you for not believing me, but check back here anyways! DO IT.