part une

Day 3 of Par-ree is coming to a close. 

Thoughts so far? I love the culture-- no matter how many people say Parisians are persistently pissed, I prefer the terms private, composed, and pulled-together. Every single thing I've seen so far has been fairy-tale-style gorgeous, and the charm of the country reflects in each of the city's citizens. Most people are friendly as long as some broken Française is at least attempted and you don't look like a stupide Américain; blending in with the norms is highly appreciated.

More to come as I explore further! Please send any and all recommendations to eat, play, and see to elysiamann@fashionfille.com. 



wear a bull

Wearabl acts "as a Daily Deals platform connecting independent fashion designers to customers looking for unique, well-crafted wares."

Perhaps due to the website teasing me with several varieties of thread (and that's about it), I'm very curious to find out more of what Wearabl plans to bring us in the future--which is slated to be in the next few months, other than goods from young, deserving talent. To get tips about the launch as it rolls out, follow Wearabl on Twitter. I'll be waiting patiently with you.

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la fille va à paris!

Three and half years ago, Fashion Fille was born. The title was crafted in a moment of French inspiration and alliteration fixation. Little did little-me know, I would be spending a semester in Paris. 

Fashion Fille is going to France. And you're coming along. 

Stay tuned. Not only is this space coming alive again, but it's getting a burst of French flair.

Any and all suggestions for where to eat & play are encouraged. Please!