keeping up

I tend to capture small moments as they happen, and Instagram seems to be the best way to organize those mini-moments. I can take photos and post them later, as opposed to drafting tweets that become irrelevant by the time WiFi is available. If you'd like to keep up with these postings, my username is elysiamann. See the snaps on the web here (though Webstagram seems to have a lag in updating photos).




 One of my biggest missions here is to find cheap, fantastic, vintage jewelry to bring home. I've found fantastic pieces; cheap not so much. Though rough on the wallet, Le Louvre des Antiquities is easy on the eyes, and has case after case of stunning jewels spanning centuries. The perfect stop before or after a day at the Louvre for a dose of luxury and window shopping, walk through the halls feeling like a queen while you peer at solid gold lion's heads and pocket watches. I plan to go back just as often as I visit the Louvre--plenty.


street talkin'


Each place I visit and travel to, be it a tiny alley in the Lower East Side or a hidden neighborhood in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, I'm entirely drawn to and inspired by street art. There's something about knowing how much passion and power is behind those spray-painted streaks excites me, plus the bright colors are one of the most sincere ways to brighten up city streets. Get a taste of what I've been peering at in the past few weeks above and below.



the reason I'm here?

Phew, time flies. Finding time to blog is even more difficile than expected. Anyways, let's get to the root of Paris and what pulled me across the sea:

The fashion! The shopping! The stylish culture!

I might also have been attracted by these, this, and, um, these (1, 2, 3). (Real talk: these people aren't human. Something in their water breeds pure beauty.)

But the fashion!

So during my class breaks last week, I scoped out some of the best shops near campus (in the Marais district). Beyond the tiny boutiques that are way above my budget, I discovered a couple of gems.

Vintage, vintage, vintage. Fur, leather, denim. I cannot get enough. I've been shockingly good and haven't shopped too much; hopefully the window shopping will continue to suffice. I'll try to update more often! Parisian life is keeping me busy, busy, busy. For now, une bise for all!